Protect Your Existing Healthy (Permanent) Hair with ARTAS® Robotic Recipient Site Making


A common question is “What happens to the hair that I still have in my transplanted area? Will it be damaged during the procedure?” The good news is no.

Once hairs are harvested, they are then implanted into the balding or thinning areas of your scalp. The appropriate placement of these hairs is essential when striving for an artful aesthetic result. Your physician uses ARTAS Hair Studio® technology to build your recipient site making treatment design. That treatment design is then transferred to the ARTAS® System to deliver your Recipient Site Making pattern. Survival and growth rates of the transplanted hair depend on the meticulous creation of these robotic recipient sites.

The ARTAS® Robotic Procedure Protects Your Existing Healthy (Permanent) Hair

The ARTAS System identifies both existing healthy (permanent) hair as well as miniaturized/vellus hair to create the best possible aesthetic outcome.

  • When making recipient sites, the ARTAS Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used to avoid damaging existing healthy (permanent) hair you currently have
  • The ARTAS Robotic System assists your physician in placing your new hair in areas of thinning while protecting your existing healthy (permanent) hair