Weight Loss

Dr. Justin Misko and JMISKO surgical design are quickly becoming the go-to source for weight loss, weight gain, and health and wellness information and plans in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Dr. Misko’s steadily growing reputation in fitness circles has made our information highly sought after.  Stop in today for a consultation and begin on your way to a total body transformation.


  • HCG Program
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • 21 Day Detox
  • Clean Eating Program
  • Diet/Supplement Plan
  • Diet/Exercise Program


First time weight loss clients will start with a full consultation.  We expect you to have lots of questions, so please bring them all.  We also ask that you prepare your goals before going in to see Dr. Misko, but also be open to the goals you will create as part of the treatment protocol.

Depending on your personal weight loss or wellness goals, Dr. Misko might choose to go several different routes for your general wellness, weight loss, strength gains or overall well-being.  We have many tools at our disposal and believe in a fully customized health regimen designed for you, by Dr. Misko.

We ask our weight loss clients to regularly come in for weigh-ins and body-fat analysis as part of our ongoing commitment to your overall health and wellness.  Depending on treatment plan, additional consults may be required.  As always, a fee schedule applies to most Weight-loss or BHRT consultations and follow-ups.