Bioidentical hormones are very safe, unlike conventional hormones taken orally, which are associated with many health hazards. There is an abundance of medical literature that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is not only safe, but can actually reduce risks of developing disease including cancer. BHRT is administered topically in a cream form that is applied to the skin. These creams are made by a compounding pharmacist who has special knowledge and training to make these special hormones. There is much confusion and misinformation in the medical community regarding BHRT. Often, there are claims about safety, lack of research and evidence, etc. Unfortunately, lack of understanding is often expressed as a negative and tends to instill fear and doubt in patients making them think that only conventional drugs work and are safe. to prescribe and monitor this type of therapy. A simple saliva test can accurately monitor the tissue levels of these hormones when administered topically. Blood tests do not accurately reflect these levels and cannot be used to measure levels when using topically applied creams.